Munger: The senior citizens would no longer be required to visit the post offices for collecting their pension under the Social Security Pension Scheme as the 50 thousand beneficiaries in the district would receive their pension in cash at their doorsteps.

Assistant Director, District Social security Fund, Kusheshwar Das said, “The database is under construction as the records are being uploaded on the website. In the financial year 2012-13, the pensioners in the district will be given their pensions of three months in totality in the village panchayat or in a cluster camp.”    

The pensioners were required to visit the post offices to collect their pension. Moreover, incidents of senior citizens duped by the active brokers were also common.

However, a pilot project was started in January in financial year 2011-12 under which the pension amount was paid in cash to the pension holders in Purnea, West Champaran, Jehanabad and Buxar district.

Following the success of the trial scheme, the Bihar government decided to implement the same in all districts. The pensioners will get a passbook to avail the service.