New Delhi: Giving a sudden jolt to the Bihar government, Centre rejected the pending proposal on preparing ethanol directly from the sugarcane juice, creating roadblock for the closed sugar mills to revive again.

In an attempt to boost the industrial sector in the state by restarting sugar mills closed from long time, the Nitish Kumar led government in the state was constantly seeking permission to begin ethanol preparation directly from sugarcane juice.

Replying to a question raised by Jagdanand and Pradeep Manjhi, the Union Minister of Food and Public Distribution said the demand putforth by Bihar government is against the law. Therefore, permission cannot be granted.

Mentioning about the Sugarcane (Control) Order 1966, Thomas said on December 28, 2007   amendments were made regarding ethanol preparation. According which permission was granted to only sugar mills.

 “Despite the changes made in the order, there are many sugar mills that are not directly manufacturing ethanol from juice. Notably, it is much more profitable to make ethanol from fermented sugar (sucrose) instead of direct sugarcane juice,” said Antony.