Muzaffarpur: The state government is mulling the idea of restoring air services between Patna and Muzaffarpur and is waiting for a proposal from the Central government in this regard.

A letter was sent to the Chief Minister highlighting the traffic woes faced by commuters on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu. Especially critical patients who come to Patna for medical treatment from different cities face a harrowing time crossing the bridge.

The air services between both the cities have been closed since 1973.

The letter that was posted by Shishir Kumar Neeraj of ‘Patel Hitkarini Sangh’ said, “Considering the fact that Muzaffarpur is the second important city of Bihar after Patna, air services to this city is a must.”
The letter also urged the government officials to investigate the factors which lead to the shutdown of the air service in 1973.

After conducting an investigation the Public Information Officer Sivendu Ranjan forwarded a letter to the Deputy Secretary Cabinet department of the Bihar Government.

The letter said, “The decision on commencing a regular commercial air service from a place is taken by the Civil Aviation Department and Airports Authority of India (AAI) after considering the commercial and technical aspect of it. Muzaffarpur air service also falls under the supervision of the concerned department. Only after receiving a proposal from the Civil Aviation Department in this regard further steps will be taken.”