Patna: The state Health Minister Ashwini Kumar Chaubey has forwarded a proposal to the Mauritian government to open a Medical College in the state.

The minister has said in his letter that Mauritian government can establish a medical college in Merwa district in Patna in the name of Sir Shiv Sagar Ramgulam and Dr Rajendra Prasad.

Former President Dr Rajendra Prasad had set up ‘Rajendra Leprosy centre’ in Merwa which is spread over 27 acres of land.

Earlier during the ‘Global Bihar Summit’, Art and Culture Minister of Mauritius, Mukeshwar Chunni and GOPIO International’s Chairman and former MP Mahendra Utchanah discussed this proposal.

In the honour of the visiting Mauritian delegation to Patna the Health Minister hosted a dinner on Monday.