New Delhi: The Janata Dal (United) and the Bharatiya Janata Party members created ruckus stalling the Lok Sabha proceedings in the wake of inadequate supply of manure to Bihar.

Both the parties accused the Central government of discrimination by cutting down the manure quota for Bihar.

As soon as the Lok Sabha proceedings began on Monday, MPs of the JDU and the BJP shouted slogans asking the Centre to stop discrimination and meet the state’s demand for urea quota. The members stuck to their demands which led to adjournment of the House four times.

According to them, the state government had demanded for 9.6 lakh tonne urea, 2.5 lakh tonne DAP, one lakh tonne SSP, 2.35 lakh tonne NPK and 80, 000 tonne MOP, whereas the Centre supplied less amount of the aforesaid items till August.

The MPs also accused that Bihar’s 1.40 lakh tonne urea quota has been given to other states and said the government is fulfilling demands of states like Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

Rest of the states also gets around 90 percent of their demands but Bihar received 78 percent of urea, they added.