Patna: To rebuild and reinforce the tainted image of the Bihar police, the state’s police department has decided to launch a special project with the aim to enhance the work efficiency of its policemen by civilizing their behavior and equipping them with mannerisms.

The project which will begin on an experimental basis will specially involve cops over 50 years of age.
Bihar Police’s DGP Abhyanand said, “Policemen have to be equipped with expertise to handle mobs not just through muscle power but with gentle humility and fair understanding also. The project will train them with the ‘bargaining skills’. Policemen will take lessons on how to behave in adverse circumstances.

After the training, units of the well-trained cops will be deployed at various places that will master in skills of communication.”

He explained that it becomes difficult to engage aged policemen in routine work, therefore such policemen are being chosen for this training project.

The policemen will have to visit people’s houses in their neighborhood and talk to them courteously. They will have to submit a day report at the police station on a daily basis. This practice will strengthen the information system of the police station. Women cops will also be trained under this project.

The state has decided to engage the trained policemen only for the purpose of communicating with the public. Besides this, another unit will be formed that will take care of larger issues.

According to sources, this project is the brainchild of an IPS officer who is presently working in the Human Resource ministry.