Recalling the contribution of Jayaprakash Narayan, who died on October 8, 1979, he said, "The same people who talk about J P Narayan have sided with the Congress party, that arrested him. They are practising 'politics of opportunism'."

"The Congress had turned the country into a jail. J P Narayan had the courage to even fight death. He sacrificed his life for the country. He inspired a whole new generation of youth in the country," he added.

Addressing the rally, PM Modi cited, "For the first time, the Bihar elections will be fought on the issues of development and youth. The youth of Bihar will change the state's destiny. We will change the fortune of Bihar."

"When I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for many years, we could not organise big rallies in the morning. We had to wait till the evening. I am surprised to see such a huge crowd so early in the morning. Do you all sleep or not? This shows that there is a new wave in the state," PM Modi said, thanking the crowd for turning up in huge numbers at the rally.

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