Patna: Bihar Government has decided to cease the execution of development work under Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS). Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has written a letter to the Centre in that regard.

Till now all development projects under MPLADS and MLA fund was undertaken by the agencies working under the district administration.

The development work under MLA fund, which was withdrawn by a legislative decision, is now being done by open tenders. The decision to do away with the MLA fund stripped the district magistrates from issuing any administrative order on such projects. Instead they now just monitor the execution of these projects.

However, the state government was in a fix as to which agency would execute the projects under MPLADS.

In his letter, Nitish Kumar has asked the Central government to arrange for a central agency to execute MPLADS projects. In case the Central government asks the state government to do so, then it would have to set up a new agency and also bear the cost of it.

(JPN Bureau)