New Delhi: Here's the flip side of development. With growth rate rising in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the road mishaps in these states have also escalated. The number of road mishaps in Bihar alone has almost doubled over the last four years.

In a sharp contrast, New Delhi and developed states like Maharashtra and Gujarat have recorded a drop in the number of road mishaps.

These startling facts have emerged during the nation-wide survey conducted by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to assess the trend of road mishaps. According to the survey report, the number of road mishaps in Bihar which was 5,594 in 2006 has shot up to 10,065 in 2009.

In Chhattisgarh, from 11,934 accidents in 2006, the figure rose to 12,888 in 2009 - and it's counting. Similarly, the number of road mishaps in Madhya Pradesh rose to an alarming 47,267 in 2009 from 38,041 in 2006. On a similar trend, Uttar Pradesh has also registered an increase in the figures of accidents, rising from 19, 489 in 2006 to 28,155 in 2009.

New Delhi has witnessed a decline in the number cases of road accident. From 9,299 road accidents recorded on Delhi roads in 2006, the figure has come down to 7,516 in 2009.

Similarly, 513 less road accidents have been reported in 2009 in Gujarat. About 31,547 accidents were reported in 2006, compared to 31,034 in 2009. In Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, the figure has come down to 71,996 in 2009 from 75, 413 in 2006.

Notably, Bengal, which is lagging far behind in terms of development has hardly registered any difference in the accident figures. From 11,324 in 2006, the number of accidents dropped to 11,124 in 2009.

The transport experts have termed the lack of transportation arrangements and narrow roads to be the reason behind the rise in the mishaps.

“The states where arrangements have not been made for the road expansion apart from the traffic control, have recorded a rise in accident graph. While, the developed states which have focused on the infrastructure development including construction of good roads, have registered a drop in the road accidents,” the experts said.

Delhi is the biggest example in this regard. The widespread development during the Commonwealth Games not only helped in road expansion but also made the roads safer thus bringing down the accident graph, the experts said.

Reduction in the number of transport vehicles owing to deteriorating industrialization in Bengal has been cited as the reason behind fall in road accidents.