New Delhi: The shine of a large mirror and the collective gleam of bright steel utensils arranged with an artistic purpose catch visitors eye at the ongoing India Art Fair in New Delhi. And, by now, the artist behind the work is a familiar enough name.

Subodh Gupta, internationally renowned artist known for fashioning signature installation art out of mundane steel and kitchen utensils is presenting another iconic art bearing his trademark. There are three other works by him showcased at the four-day fair which opened to public viewing from Friday after a special VIP preview on Thursday.

Titled, "Mirror Stage", and carried by an Italian gallery has been priced at 275,000 euros. The exhibit made out of steel glasses, bowls and cutlery juxtaposed vertically over a flat mirror, and visitors were seen admiring their reflection in it.
Asked if he'd created it especially for the fair, the artist said he doesn't work just for the fair but this is just one aspect of his creative pursuits.

"I don't work just for a fair. I have other works on which I continuously work on and art fairs like these only display a part of my collective oeuvre which is much deeper than what people see here," Gupta told reporters.

The 49-year-old artist who is known to produce large oil painting works has exhibited smaller canvases with incidentally a Victorian frame running around it. Two smaller-scale oil paintings depicting a breakfast table with china and cutlery, a half-sipped tea in a cup, also adorn the wall at the Galleria Continua's space at the India Art Fair, being held at the NSIC complex here.

The 'Hungry God' famed artist said he's working to develop the work into a full series. "Yes, I'm working on this idea, the glimpse of which I have shown here but I'm doing a series soon," Gupta told reporters.

"Subodh works with oil has always been on large scale and his choice of the Victorian frame is very deliberate to give throwback to the classic painting that were framed that way. But, if you see his subject here, its trademark Gupta," said Ananjay Bhushan, a Patna-based gallery owner and a long-time associate of Gupta.

"While the installation is priced at 275,000 euros, the two oil paintings are euros 50,000 each," Mylene Ferrand from Galleria Continua said. Subodh's other works are being displayed by the city-based Nature Morte gallery where two of his classic steel wonders, "Still Life" and "Family Portraits" are up for sale.

"We have done solos for Subodh in earlier editions for the Fair and this time round we are showcasing two of his iconic works here," said Nature Morte founder-owner Peter Nagy.


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