Besides the new apps, Bing powered by Microsoft has also updated its current Windows Phone 8 apps and further announced that all its apps will be now in synchronization across devices operating on Windows 8 platform.

"Set up your favorite cities for weather, pick your favorite sports teams, chose the news topics you want to follow, and those things will be with you at your PC at work, on your Windows 8 tablet in the living room or on your Windows Phone when you are on the go," Bing said in a post.

Let’s talk a bit about the newly launched applications.

The lifestyle application will come up with several tools for planning and tracking meals, working health and fitness data and travelling plans as well.

Another app which is related to Food and Drink will provide details and guidance on food and beverage.

This app includes more than 6,00,000 recipes brought in together from several websites dealing with recipes. For drinks, it includes a wine encyclopedia, which lists down the tasting notes from more than million bottles of wine along with a guide serving details of recipes for popular cocktails.

The Travel app of Bing will help users to plan and track their vacation details and it would let the users book flights and hotels, get real-time information on flight and look for nearby attractions.

The Health and Fitness application focuses on monitoring and tracking health condition.

It comes with a food diary in order to log information on food and nutrition, a cardio tracker for observing exercise routines and a GPS tracker for logging the run statistics.

Apart from all these, the application also includes a symptom checker, workout videos and a medical encyclopedia which contains information related to thousands of prescription medications and also explains a number of medical procedures and conditions.

Besides these apps, Bing has also brought in major updates to its existing Finance, Sports, Weather and News apps.

The search engine major's new and updated apps are available for download now and the users can get it from Windows Phone Store.