Dehradun: After Americans, Indians will soon be able to see biofuel powered jet planes flying in the sky. 

The Scientists of Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) have successfully made biofuel in their laboratory and now they are working to make biofuel suitable for jet engines. For this purpose they have also established a pilot plant.

After America, India is the second nation to have invented the technique of making biofuel.

 “After producing biofuel in the lab, we have established a pilot plant to increase the production of biofuel and it will produce 30 liters of fuel everyday”, a senior scientist of IIP Dr. AK SInha said.

According to Dr. Sinha, the fuel which is being made in the pilot plant will be tested in jet engines.

Using the distribution system of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and Hindustam Petroleum (HP) this biofuel will be sent for test from May.

The tests will continue for few days until a desired result is achieved after which the fuel will be used to fly planes.