Mumbai: Six years back when Beyonce and Shakira came together for the song ‘Beautiful Liar’, it was deemed as one of the hottest music videos ever produced. Now a song in Bipasha Basu's new film ‘Jodi Breakers’, named 'Bipasha' sounds way too 'inspired' by the number featuring the two international hotties.
We wonder why Salim-Sulaiman would create something that sounds way too similar to the English track, and not expect it to be noticed?

Says composer Salim Merchant, "I don't really know which song you are talking about, but what we have created is an original number. We make sure none of our music sounds similar to anyone else's. Even if it sounds similar, it will never be entirely the same."

On her part, Bipasha says, "A lot of people have been interested in using my name in songs, but I am very protective about it. But when Salim-Sulaiman came to me with this track I thought it would really work for the song. This is the first time my name has been used like this and it's very exciting."


The original English track goes..."Oh, Beyonce, Beyonce...Oh, Shakira, Shakira". The alleged copy in Jodi Breakers goes..." Oh Bipasha, Bipasha" in the same tune.

The official song is yet to be out, but we heard the number on Bips' birthday party video, which was recently leaked over the internet.

Adds Bipasha, "All my friends are absolutely crazy about the song and we play it all the time." Ask her if she's aware of the Beyonce number and she says, "Oh really? I didn't know that."
Salim insists, "May be you should listen to the whole song first." The track will be out on television today. You can watch and decide!