New Delhi: The girl born in India is revered as Goddess all over the world, but people from Bihar’s backward district Sitamarhi are unhappy over giving birth to girl child. Sitamrhi tops the list of female foeticide in Bihar. In the barbaric act, Mathura, the birth place of Radha and Krishna, tops the list in Uttar Pradesh.

The social evil has come to fore for the first time in the annual health survey conducted on the district level in the nine backward states including Bihar in the country over the status of girls.

As far as Sitamarhi is concerned, the sex ratio is 1000/869 while the number should be at least 950. It means 81 girls are killed before their birth.

In the most populous state Uttar Pradesh, the condition is getting worst in Mathura where the gender ratio is 1000/790.  Almost same is the story in Taj nagri Agra where mere 792 girl child take birth against the 1000 boys placing the district in the second position in the list of cruelty.

As per the fresh data, the couples give birth to 904 girl child against 1000 boys in UP. In the hilly state Uttarakhand, the sex ratio is 1000/866, whereas in Bihar it is 1000/919. In the tribal dominated Jharkhand, 923 girl child take birth against 1000 boys.

Expressing displeasure over the sex ratio, United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) representative Frederika Meijer said, “Giving birth to daughters is burden thanks to the dowry system prevalent in India.”   That’s why the parents kill the girl child before giving birth to them added Meijer.

The sex ratio at birth is slightly biased towards boys in the country opined the UNFPA representative.

The gender ratio at a time of birth is the best way to decipher the worst condition of girl children in the society. The experts say that if the gender ratio is below 1000/950, it means that unborn girls are killed.

(Mukesh Kejariwal)

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