Known as the Smita Patil of today, she has acted in more than 40 films and several regional films. She is also a successful director. Let us take a look at her best works till date.

Fire: Das made her first, rather contentious, debuted with 1996 film “Fire”. Directed by a Canadian film-maker, Deepa Mehta, and co-starring another Indian actress, Shabana Azmi, the film explored female homosexuality. This is largely a taboo subject in India, and the chief minister of Maharashtra at the time said the film was “alien to our culture”. Fire did more than just create trouble, though, and that it helped sparked a debate about freedom of expression.



Earth: This was the second film in Deepa Mehta's Elements trilogy after Fire. Nandita Das played Shanta, the Ayah of a young girl with polio. The film explores romance between a Hindu and a Muslim, as well as issues surrounding the partition.


Bawandar: In Bawandar, Nandita plays the role of Bhanwari Devi who was a rape victim from Rajasthan. The film – which is based on a true story – depicts the trauma, humiliation, and injustice Bhanwari Devi had to go through as she pursued justice in the courts.



Firaaq: This film was Nandita’s directorial debut, and one she received many accolades for. It followed the lives of several regular people who were in some way involved in or affected by the 2002 violence in Gujarat and how their lives changed after it. The film received many awards internationally and in India, including a Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie.



Before the Rains: Nandita plays the role of Sajani, a maid who has an affair with her British boss, in this film which tells a story of infidelity, interracial love and political turmoil all rolled into one. Her natural acting and cinematography was worth appreciation.


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