Here's the list of movies one must watch:

1 Bhai ho to Aisa (1972):
In this movie, Shatrughan Sinha played the role of a villain. And for the first time it was seen that a villain got appreciation over a hero. His acting was really brilliant.

2 Rampur ka Laxman (1972):

It was a superhit film directed by Manmohan Desai. Though Shatrughan was the main villain, his one last dialogue in the film where he looks at his mother in repentence and dies in her lap calling out to her 'Maa' turned the table around and made him a heroic persona.

3 Aadmi Sadak Ka (1977):

In this movie, Shatrughan played the role of a common man and his performance was appreciated a lot. A movie with a simple story that one must watch. He acted as a disciplined man since his childhood.

4 Dostana (1980):
Dostana was a movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha. In this movie, Shatrughan was once again seen in  a negative role. He had gain fame as a villain in the Bollywood.

5 Naseeb (1981):
Naseeb directed by Manmohan Desai was also one of the blockbuster movies. His romantic character in this movie was commendable. A brilliant acting by Shatrughan  increased his followers.

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