Do you actually know that Ranbir Kapoor's name is derived from his beloved grandfather  Raj Kapoor. Well, his real name is Ranbir Raj Kapoor.

No matter how much fame and respect the actor has earned, he still likes to reamin his mamma's boy. Well, reports suggest that Ranbir's mom Neetu still trims his nails and gives him Rs 1500 as pocket money.

Do you really know why did Ranbir make his entry into big screen?  It's because he always wanted to get featured in a Pepsi commercial.

Many few people know that Ranbir suffers from Nasal Deviated Septum and this makes him talk and eat very fast.

The Bollywood lover boy is actually a big fan of his dad Rishi Kapoor. He even loves to watch his movies. With this, many people don't know that the actor feels too shy to watch his mom Neetu onscreen.

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