Very few people know that Sunny's husband Daniel was also a porn star. The duo have earlier worked together in some projects. Sunny was a hard nut to crack and so it took six weeks for Daniel to convince the Baby doll to go out on a date with him. In fact, Sunny agrees that she deliberately delayed her first date in the hope that he will reject her. But, instead he sent  24 roses to her hotel room.

Birthday Special: Sunny Leone turns 34 on Wednesday

Not just husband but Daniel is also Sunny's business partner. They even started a joint venture of SunLust Pictures. The actress always makes sure that she never signs a film without Daniel's approval to the movie script. She was quoted as saying "No script offered to me is approved without Daniel's permission. I do not sign any contract without making him read it."

Without any fail, the duo always manage to spend quality time together. In spite of the busy and hectic schedules, Sunny and Daniel know how to balance their time for each other. Their Twitter and Instagram account is a witness of couple's never ending love saga.

Birthday Special: Sunny Leone turns 34 on Wednesday

Sunny is probably one of the luckiest wives in the universe as her husband Daniel loves to cook. He is extremely passionate about cooking and keeps on treating Sunny with exotic and scrumptious cuisines.

Daniel knows how to make her wife happy. By crediting Sunny's kitty with various gifts time and again, he makes sure that he proves how special Sunny is to him. The last gift he gifted Sunny was swanky Maseratis worth Rs1.5 crore.


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