Aamir values his 16 years of marriage with Reena


Aamir confessed that he was in depression for three years during which he stopped working and didn’t even step out of the house. They are still seen together in times of happiness and sorrow. “I really value the 16 years Reena and I spent together. I have the highest respect and love for her,” said the Mr perfectionist.

Kiran loved Aamir in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak but enjoyed the film more


Kiran was fourteen-year-old when she saw QSQT on VCR with her family. She revealed, “I loved Aamir's role in it but I enjoyed the film more. What a great film, what great music, what acting and what a cute guy!”

Kiran fell in love with Aamir quite early


Aamir met Kiran while she was doing some work on the Goa schedule of Dil Chahta Hai. It was time when she reminded him that he owed her a pair of earrings in exchange for the ones he borrowed for Lagaan. Aamir actually went with Reena, his wife at that time, and shopped for earrings from the Taj hotel shop for Kiran.

'Kiran and Aamir were friends first and then lovers


After splitting up with Reena, Aamir was emotionally damaged. He was very brittle at that point of time. He was not ready to get into a committed relationship. However, it was not easy for him to treat his relationship with Kiran as just a casual one.

Aamir and Kiran are quite happy being together


Aamir and Kiran was married with the full family in attendance in their farmhouse in Panchgani. For Aamir, children have always been his first priority, it was important for him to take them into confidence before he started living with Kiran. After he separated with Reena, kids were spending three days in a week with Aamir and it was quite obvious to them that Kiran aunty was more than a friend to their father.

Aamir loves Kiran's positive energy


Their relationship experienced several magical moments, one of them was the candlelight dinner they had in Panchgani. While they were working on Taare Zameen Par, Aamir convinced Kiran to go out for dinner with him in Panchgani.

Aamir is much more relaxed ever since Kiran has come into his life


Aamir doesn't expect Kiran to do things in his way or do his day-to-day chores. He acknowledges Kiran’s contribution to his life. He is much more relaxed ever since Kiran has come into his life.

Azad is Aamir's image


Aamir and Kiran are now proud parents of a child whom they named Azad Rao Khan. He was born to a surrogate mother using the IVR (in-vitro fertilisation) method on December 1, 2011.

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