While some of his fans have idolized him, some have fought with all the odds to meet their superstar. In case you consider yourself his biggest fan, you must check out this list to know that this level of obsession too exists.

Woman crosses border from Pakistan to meet Salman Khan

This courageous woman from Pakistan, came all the way to India, just to have a glimpse of 'Dabangg Khan'. Not to forget, she wasn't carrying her documents or passport.

Man went on hunger strike to meet Salman Khan

There are many who would go on a hunger strike for a social cause, but it can only be a Salman's fan who would go on a hunger strike to meet his favorite star. Yes, Babu Shishangiya quit food to meet Salman Khan. Apart from Babu, many others including conjoined twins Saba and Farah too kept a fast for him during the trial days of his hit-and-run case.

Man wanted to go to jail in place of Salman Khan

Apart from parents, if anybody who is ready to take the problems of others upon themselves, it ought to be Salman Khan's fan. Naveen Raj Chauhan, an ardent fan of 'Bhaaijaan' was eager to go to jail if the actor was held guilty.

Man buys 10 tickets only for himself

A Bhaaijaan fan from Nepal is so crazy about him, that he bought 10 tickets for a Salman Khan starrer movie only for himself.

Salman Khan's movie posters worshiped with garlands

While a cinema hall is decorated with movie posters, Salman Khan's movie posters are further decorated with garlands and are worshiped with incense sticks. Well, the credit goes to the fans!

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