* Few people know that Modi was born at Vadnagar, a town that has a 2500 years old history. Dominated by Buddhism and Hinduism ideologies, the town describes the love of PM Modi for both the religions.

* The nation was hardly aware about PM Modi's marital status until he declared himself as married in his election affidavit. According to many reports, Modi got married in his childhood but unfortunately his 'gauna' never happened. He got inclined towards RSS and decided to remain bachelor for the rest of his life.

* You would be surprised to know that PM Modi has worked as an efficient volunteer near railway station and served the Indian Army during the 1956 Indo-Pak war and incidentally the nation marks the 50th anniversary of 1965 War today.

* Unfortunately, PM Modi hailed from a very poor background. His mother used to work as a domestic help in houses cleaning utensils. Even the Prime Minister himself ran a tea stall and used to sell tea to earn livelihood.

*You would not be knowing that PM Modi's favourite hobbies include photography, poetry and keeping himself updated on social media.

*Time and again PM Modi has been appreciated and applauded for his vibrant style statement but many few know that he mostly shops from one brand named as Jade Blue which is a Ahmedabad-based textile company.

*PM Modi who is leading the country never wanted to be a politician. He always wanted to settle down as a monk but after meeting Swami Atmasthananda, he changed his views.

*Well, the dynamic man doesn't sleep for more than 5 hours in a day. He makes sure that he wakes up around 5:30 every day.

*PM Modi is the most followed Indian politician on micro-blogging site Twitter and has around 15 million followers.


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