Here's a list of his movies that one must watch:

1 Satyakam:

A movie one surely watch is 'Satyakam'. In this movie, Dharmendra played a straight backed man who lived and died for truth. This was one of the best performances given by Dharmendra with support from Sharmila Tagore.

2 Phool aur Patthar:

Dharmendra essayed the role of an underworld don in this movie. He was superb in his romantic relationship with Meena Kumari and brilliant in the scenes when he was drunk. This movie brought him lot of female fan followings.

3 Dharam Veer:

Dharmendra played the role of an adopted son of a blacksmith,a great friend of a prince, who was actually his elder brother. He entertained people with his comedy and seriousness in the movie.

4 Pratigya

Seting out to avenge the death of his parents while hiding from the police, Dharmendra superbly blended action and comedy in Pratigya.

5 Sholay:

Dharmendra won million hearts of people through his memorable character in Sholay. He played the character of an urban gangster with his companion Jai. He acted brilliantly in this movie.

6 Jeevan Mrityu:

Enacting the role of a bank manager who was cheated by his colleagues and the love of his life, Dharmendra was spectacular as a man on a mission of vengeance.

7 Chupke Chupke:

He played an outstanding role of Botany Professor Parimal Tripathi and showcased impeccable flair for comedy, which came as a pleasant surprise for his action fans.

8 Anupama:

Dharam Paaji played the character of a romantic artist with great subtlety. There was a great serenity in his dialogues.

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