Birthmarks are result of violent or traumatic past life incidents that had left emotional and psychic imprint on our skin. Therefore, it is being said that birthmarks are associated with reincarnation and can help us in revealing the cause of our death in past life.

Here's a list of variant birthmarks that reveal the cause of traumatic death.

Unhealed burn mark
How it looks: Deep red-coloured mark
Cause of death: Body was set ablaze

Bullet wound
How it looks: Perfectly round and brown coloured pattern
Cause of death: Body was being shot

Stab wound
How it looks: Slightly curved and light coloured mark
Cause of death: Body was attacked by lethal object while sleeping

Scalped wound
How it looks: Discoloured mark on or around scalp
Cause of death: Body being scalped or poisoned by serrated object

Branding mark
How it looks: Faded chains like mark
Cause of death: Body suffered excruciating pain of hot iron rods

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