Melbourne: If a person looks sad or angry for no apparent reason, then chances are that they may be suffering from a condition that has been termed as bitchy resting face (BRF).

A spoof video posted on YouTube, which explains the BRF has got over two million hits - and now even 30-year-old actress Anna Paquin has admitted on ‘ Jimmy Kimmel

Live’ that she also suffers from the condition, a website reported.

She said that the BRF means that a person looks like they want to kill people, or like they are a giant bitch before showing Kimmel what it looked like.

Devised by comedian Taylor Orci from ‘Broken People,’ the BRF spoof video has struck a chord with women - and men – all over the world.

Orci said that the BRF is a disorder affecting millions of women every day.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn confirmed BRF to, confessing about performing expression surgeries on women to change their natural facial expressions.

He said many of the people have features that we inherit and/or develop with age, which makes us look unpleasant, grumpy, or bitchy.


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