New Delhi: BJP on Monday accused the government of "fooling" the people by hurriedly implementing the cash transfer scheme without issuing Aadhaar cards to all the intended beneficiaries and creating an environment of confusion.

"In 2012, the government's own gameplan has been spoiled and yet it is calling this cash transfer scheme a gamechanger. The scheme is only being implemented in some districts. Moreover, the opinion within the government itself is divided on who falls under the BPL category," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain told reporters here.

The main opposition maintained that the first priority for the government should be to grapple with price rise, falling GDP and rampant corruption.

The government earlier today announced that the cash transfer scheme will be implemented in 20 districts initially starting from January 1. There will be no cash transfer for the subsidy on food, kerosene, diesel and fertiliser.

"The government says cash subsidy will be given to BPL families but most such families do not have a bank account. Bank managers have only now been asked to help them open their accounts. Aadhaar cards have not been made for a large number of people," the party spokesperson said.

Aadhaar unique identity cards will be the basis for the cash transfer programme.

"Today Congress is not even in the game but is calling this scheme a gamechanger. The government is only trying to create an environment of confusion. It is only fooling the people through this scheme," Hussain alleged.

At the same time, BJP clarified that it is not against the scheme per se and said that its only grievance is that it is not being implemented properly.

"Time will only tell how successful this scheme will be," Hussain said.


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