"The government pursued politics of vengeance and vendetta to target the BJP leaders and Mafias ruled the roost while the common man suffered," BJP General Secretary Randhir Sharma said.

"The government stooped so low that even the Panchayat representatives associated with BJP were politically victimized," he said.
Launching an attack on the government for sheltering the mining and forest mafia in the state, Sharma said that while people in Himachal are not getting the construction material for building homes, the illegal mining is operating in full swing in the state.
"Illegal mining is operating in full swing at the inter-state borders while cases of illicit felling of 5,151 trees have been reported in the recent past but no action has been taken," he said.
Holding the Congress government responsible for derailing the economy of the state, he said the present government has raised loans worth Rs 8,212 crore in 2 years against loans amounting Rs 6,672 crore raised by BJP government in 5 years.
He said the Congress government must bring out white paper on the finances of the state to bring out truth.
"The BJP is prepared to see it even if it reflects bad on the previous BJP government as claimed by Chief Minister," he said.
The MLA said the government was indulging in wasteful expenditure on the 45 Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Boards and Corporations and had created unnecessary posts to adjust political people.
Sharma said the state government had not taken any decisions or implemented any policy for the benefit of common man in two years period but established new records of corruption.

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