New Delhi: End of terror kingpin Osama in Pakistan has fuelled a political war in India. Cashing in on the opportunity, the Opposition has started mounting pressure on the Centre to rethink on its bilateral policies with Pakistan.

After BJP’s Central Core group meeting on Wednesday, the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, said Laden’s presence in Pakistan over the years and his death on the Pakistani soil has proved beyond doubt that the country is supporting as well as sponsoring terrorism.

Jaitley added, “Now it is absolutely clear that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism and not a part of global war against violence.”

Analysing the recent international developments, BJP questioned the UPA government’s policy towards Pakistan. He said, “Dialogue with Pakistan and terrorism cannot go hand-in-hand and hence the Centre should rethink on its policy towards the nation which has become the terrorism stronghold.”

Targeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh directly, he criticised Singh’s speech at Sharm el-Sheikh, where he had said Pakistan itself was a victim of terrorism.

Emphasising on the policy adopted by the then BJP government, Jaitley said no dialogue with Pakistan can be resumed until it stops supporting and sponsoring terrorism on its soil.

Hailing Osama’s death, he said, “Laden’s death is a historic event but Pakistan still remains a concern for India. The perpetrators of 26/ 11 are still in that country and they are even getting the shield of the Pakistan government.”    

Meanwhile, Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan said the BJP should not politicise such issues. “The Centre has always been giving importance to the fact that the soil of neighbouring country should not be used to execute terror activity against India,” she added.

(JPN/ Bureau)