Union Ministers Piyush Goyal and Prakash Javadekar addressed the MPs on social media and media-related issues and told them how to cultivate these platforms to spread their message.
Suresh Soni, who is the Sangh’s liaison for BJP, spoke to the MPs about the nation's expectations from them and the ideology guiding the party.
Goyal addressed the MPs on the significance of social media and if used effectively how it can help in spreading the message quickly.
"It is a boon of modern times," he told the MPs while also cautioning them about its flip-side as even a small incident can draw major attention in a jiffy.
Several MPs, it is learnt, said that they had little or no presence on the social media and the party should help them in making their presence felt in cyber space.
Javadekar spoke about dealing with the media in general and advised the MPs to use it with caution. They were also told not to bring their differences out in the media and keep their approach to the media issue based.
While veteran party leader LK Advani will deliver the valedictory address, another senior party leader Ram Naik addressed the lawmakers suggesting ways to strengthen their bond with their constituencies.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on Saturday asked the newly elected party MPs to focus on their conduct both in Parliament and in public as people were observing them and directed them to nurture their constituencies and spread the message of good governance.
Modi, who had inaugurated the two-day workshop for over 150 newly elected Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs of BJP, had asked them to realise that with the transition from being in the Opposition to treasury benches, their responsibilities increased.


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