The BJP might be painting a rosy picture of its national executive meet held in Mumbai, but common man knows that the party is sliding into a tailspin. First Sanjay Joshi’s resignation from the party national executive then Advani and Sushma Swaraj’s decision to withdraw from the BJP rally on pretext of prior engagements indicates that senior leaders are not keen on working cohesively. Another problem plaguing the party is the leadership crisis. General elections are inching closer for which the party can be seen preparing hard but it is still undecided, under whose stewardship they will fight the elections. The BJP may look unfazed but the fact is that there are severe differences prevailing over the issue of prime ministerial candidate. On one hand it is being said that there is no dearth of good leaders in the party, on the other the BJP has failed to elect a prime ministerial candidate. A large part of the population, including several surveys, believes Narendra Modi as the appropriate candidate. However, BJP leaders have often refrained from saying anything.

Advani during the national executive meet was correct when he said that the BJP is being seen as a strong alternative but the party first has to set its house in order. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem happening. The failure of the present government has provided the BJP a good opportunity to bounce back to power but they don’t seem to harness this opportunity properly. The BJP has to realize that to form the government at the Centre it has to project itself as a party that is capable and competent. The BJP is not performing to its potential as differences seem to exist between its leaders both at the national and regional level. The BJP leaders have often been criticizing one another on public platforms which have dented their image. Till the time such things keep happening the BJP will find it difficult to emerge as a strong force.