He accused opposition parties of "spreading disinformation" about BJP even when some of them are "thriving" on the politics of caste and religion themselves and added BJP will try to reach out to minorities, backwards, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and women.

"This is an ideological movement, not an ordinary political party. We are a mission, not for commission, to do service to the people," he claimed while addressing a function to mark BJP's Foundation Day.

Naidu said BJP will make all efforts to expand its base in the northeast, east and south. "We will try and reach out to all sections of society. Be it minorities, backward, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes or women, we will try and focus on these sections," he cited.

Attacking opposition for "spreading disinformation" about BJP, he quoted, "Some of these parties, who are thriving on the basis of caste, whichever party be it in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, some of the casteist communal parties, they call us communal.

They have alliances with Muslim League, but they call us communal, Minister said.

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