"What we are seeing is a pattern of irresponsibility, whether the Congress is in power as it is in Karnataka or where it is in opposition as it is in Delhi. It is behaving with complete irresponsibility under the overall leadership of Rahul Gandhi," BJP spokesman M J Akbar told reporters here.
Akbar also said Gandhi had become the country's 'most prominent mislead'. "Rahul Gandhi is the spoiled child of Indian politics. He has no experience and each day more proof comes that instead of trying to be a leader he has become India's most prominent mislead."

Accusing the Congress of trying to mislead the people even on the issue of his foreign trips, Akbar stated they have created a 'concoction of conscience' that never existed. "They think all of us here in India have no access to internet, have no access to information. Which world of
foolishness they are living in...," he added.

On possibility of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's comments on reservation denting BJP's prospects in Bihar Assembly polls, he said those comments were 'misunderstood and misconstrued', particularly by Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad.

"They have vested interest in creating misunderstanding. Our position has been clarified over and over again by a person no less than our party President Amit Shah. There is no question of BJP changing the reservation policy at all," he added.

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