Sonia said the Congress party has done a lot to help the Sri Lankan Tamils.

Addressing an election rally here, around 710 km from Chennai, she said the nation is being divided on the basis of religion which in turn would destroy social peace.

Sonia said if the social peace is disturbed then economic and social growth would get affected.

Asserting that the BJP is in the hands of a single individual, she urged the people to see that the nation does not get into his hands.

She said the Congress' philosophy is to provide equal opportunity for all which is India's dream.

Replying to criticisms that the ruling party has not done anything for the welfare of the Sri Lankan Tamils, she wondered which other party has done more than the Congress.

Sonia recalled the death of her husband and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and asked what other sacrifice could have been made.

She said the Congress has taken several steps to find a political solution for the Sri Lankan Tamils issue.

Speaking on the achievements of Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, Sonia cited how the Right to Information Act and laws for the protection of women and children were enacted.

She said several crore of people have been brought above the poverty line during the UPA’s ten-year rule.


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