"The eagerness to engage with elements that want to return Afghanistan to the status of 'Islamic Emirates' in the hope that they would deliver, and in the process humiliating and weakening the democratic leadership, doesn't behoove well for the region," the BJP president Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday.
He was speaking at a conference on Afghanistan at the Capitol Hill jointly organized by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies, US India Political Action Committee and American Foreign Policy Council.
"If this accommodation with the Taliban is pursued with cooperation of the Pakistani military, as seems to be the case, the situation will become even more fraught, as many would say that it is the strategic ambition of the Pakistan Army to control Afghanistan that is at the root of the conflict there," Singh said.
BJP president cautioned that any efforts to replace the present democratic arrangement with a totalitarian and sectarian Taliban regime would be detrimental not only to the people of Afghanistan or its immediate neighbours, but also to countries like India, Russia, China and even US.
Singh said that India has supported reconciliation in Afghanistan that is Afghan-led and Afghan-owned. The sincere efforts in the first couple of years after 9/11 had led to the Loya Jirgah meeting in 2003-2004 and emergence of a democratic Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with a new Constitution.
"The Hamid Karzai government was a product of that exercise," he said, adding that India extended full support to the initiative and has been actively involved in supporting the democratic regime through development aid. India's development aid stands at USD 2 billion.


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