In a statement, party's National Secretary Shrikant Sharma also cited a host of other media surveys to assert that people had "lost" their faith in Congress and it was staring at "irrelevance" if it did not learn right lessons.

"Despite the Opposition's negative politics to obstruct its development works, the Modi government has done an excellent work in the last 23 months... The survey makes it clear that PM Modi continues to rule over the hearts of people.

"All these surveys are a slap on the face of Congress and company and Opposition leaders. The reality is that people have lost their trust in these leaders. Congress and company is no longer connected to the people. The sooner they learn from it, the better for them. Or the day is not far when it will become irrelevant," he said.

Mocking Rahul Gandhi as a "non-serious" politician, he quoted the survey to say PM Modi scored eight on a scale of 10 while he scored only 3.61, less than the six notched up by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

86 percent of respondents endorsed the government's economic policies, 76 percent 'Swachh Bharat' project, 55 percent 'Make in India' and 55 percent 'Smart City' scheme, he said, citing the survey.

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