New Delhi: A day after being expelled from BJP, veteran lawyer Ram Jethmalani on Wednesday said that the party has committed "suicide" (by expelling him) which will please the "corrupt" government and their collaborators within the party.

‘Indisciplined’ Jethmalani suspended from BJP

In a letter to party President Rajnath Singh, Jethmalani said he has been out of BJP at least from 2004.

"I have been out of the party at least from 2004. In 2010, the party approached me with a request to join. At that time, I made it very clear that the party knows my views on all problems facing the nation. The party has no right to change me but I have the right to change it," he said.

Jethmalani, who had been critical of the BJP leadership and had revolted against former party chief Nitin Gadkari, was on Tuesday expelled from the primary membership of the party for six years on charges of "breach of discipline".

"This itself shows that there is no cause of expulsion... I have pointed out that disciplinary powers under the constitution are vested in the Disciplinary Committee. You do not have a Disciplinary Committee. Your action shows incompetence and contempt for law," he said.

In a strongly-worded letter, the 89-year-old Rajya Sabha MP said "by this stupid order of expulsion, the party has committed suicide”. "It will only bring joy to our corrupt rulers and few of their corrupt collaborators within the party. If you are determined to commit suicide, even the gods cannot salvage you,” he stated.

Jethmalani, who is abroad on vacations, said he would release the letters he had written to the party in the coming days. "... I wanted a hearing which has been denied. If it was not my life's mission and the only political desire left in me that the present ruling government must be knocked out, I would have certainly exposed the undesirable elements within the party in detail,” he said.

"They are helping to keep the corrupt government in power. I do not wish to weaken the fight against the corrupt even by exposing the undesirable elements who have acquired control of the party," he wrote.


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