"BJP is committed to ensure fair deal and justice for the minorities and it is evident from the fact that BJP has put a Sikh candidate in Gulabgarh assembly constituency despite it having a mixed population of all the communities," senior BJP leader and MoS in PMO Jitendra Singh said at an election rally in Gulabgarh.
Singh, who reached Gulabgarh after seeing off Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his public rally at Kishtwar, said, "For BJP justice is the only religion and, therefore, its main emphasis will be to ensure equitable distribution of state resources to all sections of society..."
He promised that "special caution" would be exercised to take care of the sensitivities of minorities in the state. "Different regions of the state have different community composition and therefore, in whatever region a particular community is in minority, special caution will be exercised to take care of its sensitivities," he said.
He said BJP would work to create an administrative setup that offers opportunities to every youth depending on his ability, diligence and expertise.
"Youth power is the biggest resource of Jammu and Kashmir but unfortunately majority of youths are migrating out of the state to look for job opportunities. BJP will endeavour to correct this anomaly," Singh said.

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