New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday came under attack from both the BJP and the Congress with the Opposition party charging his NGO with having dubious foreign funding while the ruling party dubbed the activist and his team as "frontmen" of anti-Congress forces.

Hurt by Kejriwal's allegations against party chief Nitin Gadkari, the BJP said they were at the behest of those who are funding him from abroad, a charge rejected by the social activist.

The editorial of the latest edition of Congress mouthpiece Congress Sandesh, as also BJP journal Kamal Sandesh, projected Kejriwal in poor light.

Kamal Sandesh said he has taken a "supari (contract)" from foreign sources and demanded that the Manmohan Singh government investigate the matter.

"After ruining the Anna Andolan and in pursuit of its naked ambition, Team Kejriwal is involved in a conspiracy to create suspicion about 'democracy' and by doing so it is definitely playing into the hands of those who have no attachment either to India or Bharat Mata," the article said.

Kejriwal had recently alleged that Gadkari's Purti Group has bought farmers' land at cheap rates from the government and also got irrigation water from the dam in Gosikhurd area of Vidarbha diverted to his sugar factory.

"The main game of Kejriwal may be related to funding. The thing to be known is whether the funds belong to India or to the forces which want to weaken the country," the publication said.

"One who could not remain loyal to Anna, how can he be loyal to the nation? He is engaged in digging holes in democracy with the help of foreign funds," it said.

Kejriwal has refuted these allegations and asked the BJP to come clean on its funding in the last ten years.

Without naming him, Congress Sandesh launched a scathing attack on Kejriwal and his team, accusing them of being "rabble rousers and front men for rabid anti-Congress forces". It also taunted BJP for striking "overt and covert alliances" to defame the ruling party.

Kejriwal, who plans to form a political party next month, had targeted Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, over questionable land deals with realty major DLF.

The editorial of "Congress Sandesh" attributed the recent attacks on party leaders on the issue of corruption to polls in BJP-ruled Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh and criticised the "hit and run" attitude of the "self-appointed guardians of morality and probity".

Taking potshots apparently at civil society activists led by activist-turned politician Kejriwal, it said, "We have also seen the self-appointed guardians of morality and probity in public life. Their hit and run approach to so-called scams has proved beyond doubt that they crave just for media attention.

"They act in tandem although they tend to give impression that they are different entities. At their core they are at best mere rabble rousers and at worst they are the front men for rabid anti-Congress forces," it said.

Noting that anti-Congressism has been a prominent feature of the country's political opposition, the editorial said, "Our political opponents strike all kinds of unholy alliances - overt and covert - to achieve their goal of denigrating, defaming and maligning our party".


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