New Delhi: The BJP and the Congress workers belonging to Poorvanchal region are annoyed over the parties’ negligent stance towards them in ticket distribution. Though the Poorwanchali workers are not expressing their annoyance openly, it is believed that both the parties might have to pay a heavy price for not granting adequate number of tickets to them.

For the 272 MCD seats, the BJP has given tickets to only a dozen of Poorwanchali candidates. On the other side, the Congress has fielded much lesser candidates from the region as compared to the BJP. According to the Poorwanchali leaders, the Congress and the BJP have formulated the strategy considering that electorate from Poorvanchal have no option but to vote for either of them.

Sources say, the Congress wanted to keep traditional vote bank of Poorwanchalis in its fold and was planning to change the contenders on many seats.

However, the Delhi Congress committee president JP Agarwal denied the rumors abuzz in the political corridors. “Tickets have been distributed keeping regional discrimination at bay. The Congress has been in a better place.”

On a similar note, the Delhi BJP chief Vijendra Gupta said, “The party has not been tight fisted in the distribution of ticket to Poorwanchali candidates. The party has given serious consideration to the communities and the stronghold of the local leaders in their areas before fielding the candidates.

However, the Delhi SP chief Usha Yadav said to some extent the politics of Delhi revolves around Poorwanchlis and therefore the party has given tickets to Poorwanchali candidates in large numbers.