Itanagar: The BJP in Arunachal Pradesh on Wednesday criticized the state budget saying that no major step was taken to increase revenue and develop priority sectors like health and infrastructure.

"No democratically elected government in the world can achieve its targeted development unless it makes way for own source of finance," BJP National General Secretary Tapir Gao told a press conference here.

"We have to chalk out own plan to enhance revenue instead of approaching the Centre with a begging bowl every now and then," he said criticizing the state budget as misleading and an eye wash.

The BJP leader said apart from budget proposal to give priority to rubber plantations in the state, all other proposals were photo copies of the last budget.

"The state government proposed to launch a Chief Minister Talent Award Scheme for the meritorious students, Chief Minister Border Areas Housing Schemes and promote tea and tourism sectors which were in last year’s budget and all remain on papers only," he said.