Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said "competence and proven integrity" were factors in choosing Misra for the post.

Naidu also dismissed criticism by the Congress on the decision to bring an ordinance.

Naidu contended that there was a lacuna in the TRAI Act, which barred any post-retirement government job for the chairperson or any other member.

"There was a lacuna in the act which has been rectified (through the ordinance)," he said.

The Congress had earlier lashed out at the BJP over the urgency in bringing an ordinance for Misra’s appointment as the Prime Minister's Principal Secretary.

Senior party leader Manish Tewari questioned ‘the urgency in bringing an ordinance for his appointment when Parliament was scheduled to meet on June 2’.
"Now with Parliament scheduled to meet on June 2, there was no immediacy which necessitated that the ordinance route should be taken," he said.

Misra was on Thursday appointed as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister after the Government promulgated an Ordinance to amend the TRAI Act that could have prevented him from getting the key post.

The TRAI Act prohibits its chairman and members from taking up any other job in the Central or state governments after demitting office.


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