New Delhi: In the wake of reports that Walmart paid for lobbying to get access to India, BJP on Monday demanded a fair probe be conducted to find out the names of recipients and insisted that till this is done the retail giant should not be allowed to set up shops.

"The cat is out of the bag and the proof is properly documented. Walmart has said in its lobbying disclosure report that it has been paying since 2008 for access for favourable market condition in India and Rs 125 crore has been spent," Deputy Leader of BJP in Rajya Sabha Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

Speaking to reporters, he demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself come clean on the issue. Prasad had raised the matter in Rajya Sabha on Monday.

"BJP wants a fair investigation into the issue. Lobbying is nothing but a benign form of bribery," he said. The party also demanded that till the results of the probe come out, Walmart should not be allowed to set up shop here despite the "manipulative majority" managed by the government during the FDI in retail debate and voting.

The party wanted to know who in the dispensation was lobbying here for Walmart.

Prasad demanded names of the recipients of Rs 125 crore spent by Walmart for lobbying in India be made public.

"If Walmart can disclose to the US Senate on lobbying money, then India should exert pressure on it to reveal the names of recipients here," Prasad said.


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