New Delhi: Terming the graft allegations made by Walmart as a "serious issue", BJP on Saturday demanded a probe into the matter and asked the government to come out with a reply.
"This is a serious issue. BJP demands a probe into the allegations made by Walmart. BJP wants that the government should reply to the nation on this issue," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain told reporters here.
At a time when the government is creating an atmosphere in favour of FDI by making different statements and olding rallies, the BJP questioned whether the FDI in retail sector was in the interest of the nation or being brought only "to fill the coffers of a few".
The BJP leader said the nation wants to know who is behind taking bribe from Walmart, which is also probing the allegations.
"The government is hitting CAG for last few days and pointing fingers at the Constitutional authority, but what is its reply on Walmart's allegations...This allegation is not from the opposition, but is from Walmart," Hussain said.
He alleged that the government's hands were deep into corruption and one scam after another were cropping up.
"The nation wants to know what the government has to say on Walmart's allegations. We will take this issue before the people," he said.
World's largest retailer Walmart has disclosed that it is investigating allegations of corrupt practices and alleged violations of US anti-bribery law in India, China and Brazil.
"We have inquiries or investigations regarding allegations of potential FCPA violations in a number of foreign markets where we operate regarding FCPA allegations, including but not limited to Brazil, China and India. This is in addition to the ongoing investigation in Mexico," the company has said in a statement.
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the US bars bribing officials of foreign governments.
The company, however, did not specify specific charges of corruption in any of the countries it mentioned.     

"As these matters are currently under review, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on the specific allegations until we have concluded the investigations," the company said about the latest development.


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