New Delhi: BJP on Monday dismissed as "lies and propaganda" the advertisements put out by the government in newspapers on diesel price hike and rationing of LPG cylinders and maintained high taxation is the real reason behind the increase.

"As the government has no convincing reasons to impose massive diesel price hike, it is now putting huge advertisements as propaganda. There are many issues addressed and claims made by the government (in the advertisements) which are not based on facts," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

He claimed India does not buy oil at international crude prices but at prices agreed to as part of long-standing agreements with countries like Iran.

"Instead of citing the international crude prices, why the government is not citing the price of Indian crude basket, which is a relevant parameter?" Javadekar said.

BJP maintained that without taxes diesel will be available in India at Rs 30 and petrol at Rs 35. "It is the heavy taxation which has made petro products costly. The government is not reducing its part of taxation like excise but expects state governments to reduce their taxes," Javadekar said.

BJP termed as an "absolute lie" the government claim that is has not increased price of LPG cylinders.

"One family of four persons requires at least one LPG cylinder per month. Now, they will pay Rs 2,400 per annum extra for the unsubsidized LPG. This means that each gas cylinder will cost Rs 200 more on an average. This is a massive hike which they want to hide. The figures of under- recoveries are also not realistic," Javadekar said.

BJP further claimed the Parliamentary Standing Committee had actually opposed putting a ceiling on the number of cylinders and instead recommended that affluent sections should be brought out of the subsidy regime.

"Thus, the advertisements are lies, lies and repeated lies," he added.


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