Indore: While taking a potshot at the recent statement of Congress scion Rahul Gandhi on Mumbai blasts, the Bharatiya Janata Party unit of Madhya Pradesh stooped to the level of ignoring the ethics of an educational institution while playing with the emotions of students.

While making a protest at New South Wales Public School, a BJP member wearing the mask of Rahul Gandhi was brought to the institution by the party members and was given lessons on morality. The protest was led by none other than the state BJP president Prabhat Jha. Ironically, the protest meant to expose Rahul Gandhi on the issue of moral ethics, itself showcased the lack of moral values in the BJP members.

Disrupting the day proceedings in the New South Wales Public School, scores of BJP members entered the institute premises. A BJP member posing as Rahul Gandhi was guided inside the school premises by Prabhat Jha. Thereafter, the BJP member was taken inside the room of Class X, where he was given lessons on moral values.

Meanwhile, amidst confusion and commotion, the students of the school did not understand a single thing which was going around them. Left surprised by the entire episode, a student said, “We didn’t understand what happened. Few people came, acted and went back.”

When contacted Prabhat Jha said, “It was only a symbolic protest against the Congress leader.”

Interestingly, the New South Wales Public School is owned by a BJP supporter.

Manager of the school Mamata Patidar remarked, “We gave them permission to protest as we wanted to make a leader like Rahul Gandhi understand that he has diverted from his path.”