Speaking to reporters outside Parliament House, Nath also said that the decision of Rahul Gandhi, who is on a two-week "leave" and has given the session a miss, to introspect on issues would be beneficial for the Congress.
On the Land Acquisition Bill, Nath said that Congress is strongly opposed to the changes proposed by the government and suggested it withdraw the Land Acquisition ordinance.
"When this Bill was passed (during UPA tenure) and became law, the BJP supported the Land Acquisition Bill. In nine months they are somersaulting. Just like the Insurance Bill, they had opposed, and now they support it. The Land Acquisition Bill, they had supported, now they oppose it," Nath said.
When asked about claims that certain Congress Chief Ministers had expressed reservations about certain provisions in the Land Acquisition law passed by UPA, Nath said it was not correct.
"That's absolutely incorrect. I have talked to Chief Ministers myself. They had certain suggestions. But they were not opposed to it," he said.
Asked about Rahul Gandhi's decision to stay away from Parliament to introspect, Nath said that the party would take up issues like the Land Acquisition legislation while the party Vice President's reflection and thinking would benefit the Congress.
"The party is there. The party will be taking it up. Rahul Gandhi's introspection, reflection and thinking is for the benefit of the party..... If he is relecting on the future steps for the party, it is good, because then in the end it will be good for the party," he said.

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