"The BJP failed to play the role of a constructive opposition and lowered the dignity of the Assembly and betrayed the people by not raising the issues of public interest in the House,"  Singh said after completion of two years in his office on Thursday.
He said "BJP wasted full two years in consistently trying to destabilize my government and undermine it's achievement and I hope that now they would realize the futility of their efforts and play a positive role".
Coming down heavily on BJP leaders, Singh said that the government would not tolerate such intimidation and all cases of corruption being probed by the Vigilance and Anti Corruption Bureau would be brought to their logical end.
"Unlike the previous BJP government, my government did not believe in framing the political opponents in false cases and I assure that no person found guilty of corruption, whosoever he may be, would be spared," he said.
"Former Chief Minister P K Dhumal implicated me in false cases during both his terms and I defended myself in courts in Sagar Kattha case and CD case and was exonerated by the court," Singh said.
Claiming that the financial position of the state was satisfactory, Singh said whatever financial condition the government is facing is due to reckless spending of previous BJP government on the eve of assembly polls in 2012, that left the government with liability of Rs 1,200 crore and the present government cleared the payments to employees.
Referring to the demand of the BJP for a detailed report on financial health of the state, the Chief Minister said he had no problem in releasing the 'white paper' but it would only expose the imprudent and poor financial management of the BJP government.
Brushing aside the allegation that he had lost grip over the bureaucracy, Singh said, "it is a wild charge as I was handling the officers with wisdom and administrative acumen and not intimidation them like the BJP government".
"It was the BJP which tried to saffronize the bureaucracy and politicize the employees but could manage to motivate only handful of employees," Singh added.
On recent cases of tree felling in different parts of the state, he said the government was committed to protect the forest wealth and officials concerned have been suspended in Taradevi tree felling case and the main accused has been arrested and being interrogated.

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