Jolly said that in spite of the Model Code of Conduct being in place in Delhi ahead of the December 4 assembly elections, the AAP in its posters has promised to pass the bill December 29 which was not legally possible.

"AAP is trying to gain political mileage by giving false assurance that in case they win, the Delhi assembly would pass the Lokpal Bill on December 29 at the Ramlila Ground. They are violating the Model Code of Conduct," said Jolly.

"Under the existing Indian law, Lokpal Bill in no manner can be enacted by the Delhi legislative assembly. Passing of this bill falls in the exclusive jurisdiction of Indian parliament," he said.

"AAP on its web page and all modes of media is rampantly highlighting the issue of Lokpal Bill and promising to get it passed. They are bluffing, cheating, and making false promise to Delhi's voters," he added.

Jolly urged the EC to issue a show cause notice to Kejriwal.


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