"This is a joint operation of AAP and Congress, which has led to an anarchic situation in Delhi. Both have reasons for doing this," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.
He charged that Kejriwal wants to duck questions about the action he had promised to take against corrupt ministers of the former Congress government led by Sheila Dikshit.
"Kejriwal has launched this agitation to save the indicted ministers. Last year, he ran away from Anna Hazare's agitation at Jantar Mantar saying nothing will be achieved by it and we should come to power. Now that he is in power, he is saying let us take to the streets. This is just a diversionary tactic," Javadekar said.
"AAP is engaging in this drama as it is looking for an excuse to get out of power," he added.
The BJP leader accused Kejriwal of doing a U-turn quite often and sounding like a Naxal.
"Today Kejriwal has said Republic Day celebration is nothing but a procession of floats. This is an insult to the nation, to the people and to the defence forces. The country got its Constitution on this day and such language is a challenge to the Constitution as well. Kejriwal is talking like Naxals do in tribal areas," Javadekar said, and described Kejriwal's words as ‘anti-people’.


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