Sonia Gandhi also took on RSS without naming it, saying it actively opposed Mahatma Gandhi's 'Quit India' call in 1942 along with another group which was responsible for partition, a reference to Muslim League, and 'so called nationalists' nowadays go around giving certificates on patriotism.
Speaking at the culmination of the year long 125th birth anniversary celebrations of Jawaharlal Nehru, she said the first Prime Minister believed in a frank exchange of ideas when any citizen could speak his 'Mann ki Baat', which has now been 'reduced' to a radio broadcast.
She was taking an apparent swipe at Prime Minister Modi's regular radio programme in which he speaks on a host issues. "In a day and age where people are viciously attacked for holding different beliefs, it is important to remember this. Simply because someone holds a different view or disagrees then they cannot be branded a traitor. This is neither the way of our democracy nor a form of patriotism. It is a form of tyranny.
"Today, we are witnessing attempts by certain individuals and elements to whitewash their communal agenda in front of the world by hiding it behind the mask of development. Development is used as a buzzword, again and again," she said.

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