"Spiralling prices of essential commodities is sufficient indication that BJP government is all set to destroy the country's economy within five years if it is allowed to remain in power," said Khan.

 “In the near future, people will be forced to pay Rs 150 per kilogram of onions as the government has been inactive on this count,” he added

Khan further said the initial decisions are enough to prove Modi's mis-governance during its one month's existence at the helm of affairs

“But we have to adopt the policy of wait and watch to give the present dispensation more time to translate into action the tall promises it made during elections campaigning,” he added

When asked about the Samajwadi Part’s move of abandoning various welfare schemes, Khan said, "We sincerely had launched programmes for the people's welfare and wished to take them forward, but we needed a congenial atmosphere for their implementation which was jeopardised by our opponents."


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